Mac and Cheese Southern

mac and cheese southern

About mac and cheese southern

Unlike the other mac and cheese recipes, this one starts with an egg and milk base. This process gives the recipe a completely different feeling as it has a silky texture and taste. Southern mac and cheese is a comfort food for many people, and is also known as the soul food. It is creamy, full of cheese and has brown cheese edges. This mac and cheese is prepared by specific members of the family, and is only made on special occasions. Southern macaroni and cheese is prepared mostly in black communities as a remembrance of their freedom from slavery. However, there are other reasons as to why southern baked mac and cheese is important in the black culture and the main reason is that is it the peak of the black cooking.   

Origin of southern baked mac and cheese

It is the pinnacle of black cooking accolades. One responsible and trusted people in the black community are trusted with making the southern mac and cheese. It is mostly prepared for Thanksgiving and not everyone is given the chance to make the southern mac and cheeses because it is believe that you will mess it up and make a sad mac and cheese. It is important to the black community just as other dishes are also important in other cultures.

This recipe is made almost in all holidays and celebrations such as weddings, thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversaries and other celebrations. Also, no mac and cheese recipe is allowed from the stores and if by any chance you bring mac and cheese from the stores, then you might never be allowed again to bring food to any celebration.

Southern macaroni and cheese

Difference between the southern mac and cheese and the other mac and cheese

The difference between the southern mac and cheese and the other mac and cheese is in the making. The southern mac and cheese is made from scratch. It is simple to make but tiny details are usually added to the southern mac and cheese to make it unique. Seasoning salt and evaporated are always used in the recipe and the debate on whether or not to use egg usually comes up in conversations. The southern mac and cheese is made around very mandatory ingredients. The recipe is the same for almost all black communities with the difference only being in the amount of seasoning salt or cheese used in the recipe. Some people prefer using more cheese in their recipe whereas others prefer using just an adequate amount of cheese.

Only elbow macaroni is used in this recipe because it is believed to hold the cheese well. It is also used so that kids can eat their mac and cheese because they are familiar with the shape, hence they cannot say no to the meal. The southern mac and cheese requires the use of at least three types of cheeses. Using only one cheese can bring up arguments in regards to the final taste and texture of the cheese. Southern mac and cheese tends to be a little expensive as compared to the normal mac and cheese because there are different types of cheese used in the recipe and not only one cheese. In addition to that, there are instances when sour cream and chive cream cheese are added to the recipe, among other types of cheese.

Mac and Cheese Southern

Recipe by The Cheese MacCourse: Main, DinnerCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy


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The southern mac and cheese requires the use of at least three types of cheeses


  • 1 box of 60 ounces of elbow macaroni

  • One egg

  • Mozzarella cheese

  • Cheddar cheese

  • Jack cheese or Gouda cheese

  • 2 cups of milk

  • 2 tablespoon of butter, salt and pepper.

  • Olive oil.


  • Preheat the oven to about 400 degrees.
  • Follow the instructions on the macaroni box to see how long and how much quantity of water you need to use to boil the macaroni and put the water to boil.
  • Cut the cheeses into medium squares to allow the cheese to melt faster.
  • Put the cheese cubes in any pan of your choice, preferable the middle-sized pan.
  • Add milk to the cheese cubes and ensure that the quantity of milk you use is able to cover the whole of the cheese blocks.
  • Stir the mixture over medium heat to create a creamy cheese sauce.
  • Add your macaroni to the boiling water and do not overcook.
  • Meanwhile continue stirring the cheese until it melts fully.
  • Add a half handful of chopped cheddar cheese to add flavor to the cheese sauce and mix well. Remove from the heat source and set aside.
  • Drain the excess water from the boiling macaroni and put the remaining macaroni to a different bowl.
  • After draining excess water then return the macaroni to the pan and add butter to the cooked macaroni.
  • Break your egg into the mixture, add salt and pepper.
  • Add the cheese sauce to the mixture and mix.
  • Add more pepper to the mac and cheese and stir together.
  • Add another handful of chopped cheddar cheese.
  • Spray the baking dish with a little bit of olive oil to grease the pan so that the southern mac and cheese does not stick to the bottom.
  • Take about half of the mac and cheese and pour into the pan.
  • Layer with more chopped cheddar cheese until the mac and cheese is fully covered.
  • Add sharp cheddar cheese on top of the chopped cheddar cheese.
  • Take the remaining cheese mix and pour on top of the layer and spread evenly.
  • Add chopped cheddar cheese and again add sharp cheddar cheese.
  • Slightly poke the cheese using a spoon so that part of it can be visible. Add more cheese if you are a cheese lover.
  • Sprinkle pepper on top if you desire.
  • Place in the oven for about 20 minutes, then let sit for about 7 minutes before serving.

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