Substitute for Gruyere Cheese

Substitute for gruyere cheese

About Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere is a type of Swiss cheese that has a smooth melting nature. This type of cheese is made from a whole cows’ milk that has been cured for 6 months or more. It is best used as a table cheese because of its ability to be eaten in slices. If you are preparing a meal or baking and you need melting cheese then this is the best option to go for. This makes gruyere one of the two main types of cheese used in making a traditional fondue recipe. The other type of cheese that is used is the Emmental cheese.

Gruyere cheese was originally made in Switzerland and is a type of a firm cheese. Moreover, it has a pale yellow color and is creamy and tastes like nuts. One of the most known characteristic of this type of cheese is the presence of small holes in the cheese, which are formed by gas bubbles. These gas bubbles are released by the bacteria that are used in making of the cheese. Some of the best alternatives or substitutes for gruyere cheese are;

Gruyere cheese Substitutes :

1- Beaufort / Comte cheese is a perfect gruyere cheese alternative

comte cheese is good gruyere cheese substitute

Beaufort is also known as the Comte cheese. Unlike the gruyere cheese, this type of cheese is semi-firm and is smoother in texture. This makes it the perfect option when substituting gruyere for baking or broiling. In addition to that, it tastes more like the gruyere cheese meaning that it will not interfere with the taste of your recipe. Beaufort is also readily available in most stores that are near you. This is the best option for the gruyere cheese since it comes from the gruyere cheese family. The ability of the Beaufort cheese to melt easily and its smooth creamy texture has made it the perfect substitute for gruyere cheese which is essential in baking.

2- Parmesan

parmesan cheese

This is a traditional version of cheese that come from the region of Italy, which specifically are Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. It has a complicated name that is difficult to master. It also works well as a substitution for gruyere cheese. This golden yellow cheese is hard in texture unlike the other cheese, and is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. This type of cheese has a complicated official name, and parmesan cheese is cheese that is used outside this area. This substitute for gruyere cheese comes in three different phases which is based on maturity. The minimum has an age of at least 12 months, Vecchio which is 12-24 months and the Stravecchio which is 24-36 months old. It is low in fat levels and has no curbs, making it the perfect option for baking.

3- Emmentaler Cheese

emmentaler cheese

This is another type of Swiss cheese that is similar to the gruyere cheese. It is known to melt quickly because of its yellowish to yellow-white color. This is the most common type of cheese that people in the preparation of fondue. It is also highly preferred in baking because of its smooth and high consistency as compared to the gruyere cheese. This property makes it the best substitute for gruyere cheese.

4- Cheddar

cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese is also another perfect substitute for gruyere cheese. It is the most popular type of cheese that is used in the United Kingdom. In the USA, it is the second most popular cheese. It is naturally white in color but there are other types that are orange in color. This color change is only because additives have been added to the cheese. It has an earthy flavor and a ting of sharpness when consumed. As the cheese matures, the taste become even much stronger.

5- Jarlsberg

jarlsberg cheese

This is another similar cheese that comes from Switzerland but has a wide variety in Norway, which works well as a gruyere cheese substitute. It is a very delicious type of cheese that is best used in grilled or broiled recipes, which require the use of the gruyere cheese. This is the perfect cheese for melting on top of dishes, with a sharp and nut-like flavor. However, before settling for this cheese, you should know that it is a bit stronger as compared to the gruyere cheese. However, if you cannot access this type of cheese in your locality then you might as well use the Swiss cheese as your substitute. Therefore, Jarlsberg works as a good substitute for gruyere cheese especially when you are into sharp flavors.

6- Edam or Maasdam

edam or maasdam cheese

These two kinds of cheese works perfect as substitutes for the gruyere cheese because it has a similar texture to that of the gruyere cheese. It also tastes like gruyere cheese and has the similar consistency, especially when paired with wine or when eating it. This cheese is creamy in nature because it is made from a cow’s milk. If you are also looking for something that is affordable then this is the best cheese to purchase, especially if you cannot afford the other substitutes for gruyere cheese. However, it is high in fat and too much consumption of this cheese can lead to health problems. It is therefore important that you use it sparingly.

7- Raclette Cheese

raclette cheese

This is another substitute for the gruyere cheese which comes from Switzerland and France. It is the perfect option to use when melting on top of vegetables and when you are planning on grilling. You can also add this type of cheese on your fries for an amazing taste. Its savory nature makes it the perfect option to be used on vegetables.

8- Appenzeller

appenzeller cheese

This type of cheese comes from Northeast Switzerland. This is also another type of cheese that is gotten from brown Switzerland cows. The diet of the cows has largely affected the taste of the cheese in that it tastes like flowers, fresh grass and herbs. This type of cheese has been in existence for long and is still being produced today, and is also used in some countries as the perfect substitute for the gruyere cheese.

9- Fontina

fontina cheese

This is another perfect substitute for the gruyere cheese. The type of cheese that originates from Italy and is made from a cow’s milk. It is found mainly in Italy, but is now present in other parts of the country such as Denmark, Argentina and Sweden among other countries. To produce this milk, you only require the milk to be fresh and unpasteurized.

Fontina cheese can be made for the whole year but the best time to produce it is during the summer seasons. The cows are moved to higher altitudes for one reason. This is because the grass in higher altitudes are richer and help the cow in producing tastier milk. This substitution for gruyere cheese is amazing, as the fontina cheese also melts easily but is way softer than the gruyere cheese. It is creamy, has a pale brown rind and has small holes usually knows as the eyes.

10- Havarti Cheese

havarti cheese

This is another great substitute for gruyere cheese that is also made from cow’s milk. This type of cheese is washed in salty brine to increase its flavor the same way that the gruyere cheese is done. The average age for this cheese is 3 to 12 months. This is a semi-hard cheese which has the taste of a hazelnut as it matures. It also has small holes and is creamy-yellow in color. It is gluten free making it the best option for vegans.

11- Cheese Mix

cheese mix

Cheese mix also acts as a perfect substitute for gruyere cheese especially in cases where you cannot find gruyere cheese because of its price. This is a recipe that you can make on your own in the kitchen which involves mixing all the cheese of similar textures, and those with the desired taste to for the gruyere cheese substitute. However, you can only make your cheese if your recipe requires the use of melted cheese.

12Roth’s grand cru

grand cru cheese

This is also another type of cheese that can be used as a substitute for the gruyere cheese. Roth is a cheese company from Wisconsin and are good at giving the same taste as that of the gruyere cheese. The milk used in making this cheese is the best type of milk in Wisconsin. The cheese has a minimum age of about four months. This cheese has a nutty taste but is not as much of nutritional value as the gruyere cheese. This type of cheese can be used in the same way as gruyere cheese because they have the same taste. If offers the perfect taste when used in sandwiches and melted over potatoes.

How to choose the best substitute for gruyere cheese

The best gruyere cheese substitute has to have a close resemblance to that of the original gruyere cheese in taste. Having the same texture and consistency when melted is also another advantage that gruyere cheese substitutes have. Getting hold of the gruyere cheese might be difficult because it is slightly expensive as compared to the other types of cheese. The good news is that you can choose from any of the above substitutes to use as a replacement of the gruyere cheese. They serve the same purpose in baking and preparation of meals.

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